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          1. 悉尼大学商学院委托IDP正式发布录取新标准(附独家专访视频及签名信)

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            悉尼大学商学院重大录取政策调整 ——IDP中国项目办公室独家发布官方采访视频及副院长亲笔签名信   悉尼大学商学院Deputy Dean (EdUCation)Professor John Shields日前致信IDP中国项目办公室  ,授权IDP中国代表悉尼大学商学院向广大中国学生正式公布近期悉尼大学商学院将对国际学生录取条件做出的调整  ,具体政策公布如下:
              悉尼大学商学院致力于追求教育实践的不断创新 ,包括强化技术辅助式学习、将学习与工作实践更好地结合  ,还包括在教学中发展学生应对客户的能力以及创业技巧 。
              与此同时 ,悉尼大学商学院还将通过吸引全世界最优秀最聪明的学生来继续树立教学质量优异的口碑  。作为其中的一个环节 ,悉尼大学商学院将改变部分课程的入学政策  ,来确保实现不断进取的目标  。这将意味着悉尼大学商学院部分面对国际学生招生的课程将会有入学条件的变化  。
              具体来说  ,悉尼大学商学院对授课类硕士课程或硕士文凭课程的GPA录取要求做出了以下调整:
              ♦ 商学院授课类硕士课程(Masters by Coursework)直录GPA最低分数要求将提高3%  ,即211大学最低分数线提高至78%  ,非211大学最低录取分数线提高至83%  。
              ♦ 商学院硕士文凭课程(Graduate Diploma)直录GPA最低分数要求将提高5%  ,即211大学最低分数线提高至75%  ,非211大学最低录取分数线提高至80% 。  
              中国211大学 中国非211大学
            商学院授课类硕士课程 78% 83%
            商学院硕士文凭课程 75% 80%
               该政策将从2016年第一学期开始生效  ,从2015年2月17日起递交的针对2016年第一学期及以后各学期的申请将适用新的录取分数要求  。   详细说明见悉尼大学商学院Deputy Dean (EdUCation) Professor John Shields亲笔签名信件  ,并请观看IDP中国项目办公室对悉尼大学商学院Deputy Dean Professor John Shields和Deputy Director Student Recruitment MsKatja Lamping的独家采访视频  。
            悉尼大学商学院Deputy Dean (EdUCation) Professor John Shields亲笔签名信件
            Dear IDP China,
            Changes to The University of Sydney Business School Postgraduate GPA equivalences, effective from Semester 1 2016

              I am writing to you as a valued educational partner to update you on some exciting developments within The University of Sydney Business School. Also to advise you of planned changes to admission standards for our postgraduate coursework programs. The University of Sydney Business School is committed to developing graduates who have the deep knowledge and client-facing skills required to be world-class professionals and leaders in business and management.
              Over the past decade, The University of Sydney Business School has consolidated its reputation as a centre of innovation in business and management edUCation. Our undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes attract creative thinkers, collaborative problem-solvers, and current and future leaders. As part of one of the world's most prestigious research universities the Business School also makes a powerful contribution to the development of new knowledge directly applicable to business and management practice in the Asia Pacific region and the world.
              Our new leadership team, headed by our Dean, Professor Greg Whitwell, is currently planning a major round of innovation in edUCational practice, including greater emphasis on technology-enabled learning, work-integrated learning and opportunities for students to develop both client-facing and entrepreneurial skills. 
              In conjunction with this, we will continue building our reputation for edUCational excellence by attracting the best and brightest students from around the world. As part of this process we will be making changes to the admissions criteria for a range of programs to ensure that this progression is achieved. This will mean some changes to the admissions criteria for some of the programs we offer to international students.
              With respect to students holding qualifications from China, and effective from Semester 1 2016, we will be rAISing our admission standards for University of Sydney Business School postgraduate coursework programs as follows:
               • GPA minima for direct Master’s entry will increase by three percentage points, with the GPA minimum for a 211 qualification to increase to 78% (from 75%) and that for a non-211 qualification to increase to 83% (from 80%).
              •  GPA minima for Graduate Diploma entry will increase by five percentage points, with the GPA for a 211 qualification to increase to 75% (from 70%) and that for a non-211 qualification to increase to 80% (from 75%).
              The changes will be in effect for all Applications received from 17th February 2015.
              These changes will further reinforce our School’s strong international reputation and ensure that The University of Sydney continues to offer an edUCational experience that attracts the very best students. The higher admission standards will also help us to remain the primary choice for your students, their families and the world of business that relies on us providing graduates of outstanding quality.
             To support you in managing these changes and to demonstrate how the Business School and University can support you in the changing world of international edUCation we will be arranging a series of visits and events for this February to outline our educational vision and discuss how we believe are partnership can be nurtured. We look forward to meeting you and your team of counsellors and to planning a successful future together.
            Best wishes,

            Professor John Shields
            Deputy Dean (Education)
            The University of Sydney Business School
            Changes to equivalences effective from Semester 1 2016 – Key Points
              • These changes will be in effect for all applications received
              • There will be no changes to the current admissions process for applicants. Conditional Offers will still be made.
               • All current offers made for Semester 2 2015 and any offers already made for Semester 1 2016 will be honoured at the existing GPA levels.
              • Degrees awarded by partner Institutions based in the PRC will not be affected by this change.
            The University of Sydney Business School – Key Facts
              • The only Australian business school to achieve membership of CEMS (the Global Alliance in Management Education)
              • Accredited internationally by both AACSB and EQUIS.
              • Master in Management FT Ranking: 1st in Australia, 5th in the region, 47 world-wide.
              • 2013 Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine biennial assessment of management programs ranked the Business School's Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) the best program of its kind in Australia.
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